Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission, Vision, Core Values
Mission, Vision, Core Values

A Unified Mission and Vision

CFL MISSION: to lead the way in geophysical solutions and utility locating services.

CFL VISION: to deliver the highest level of safety, quality assurance, and quality control to protect people and our environment.

A Solid Set of Core Values

Safety first – we believe that safety is the most important element of our business. Keeping people and project sites safe is of the highest priority on our road-map.

Show mutual respect – we believe treating clients with respect is at the heart of everything we do. We see respect as a two-way street, which we must work each day to earn.

Act with honor & integrity – we believe acting with honor means to strive for the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our work. We also believe acting with integrity means doing the right thing for our clients under any circumstance.

Have a growth mindset – we believe talents can be developed through hard work, excellent strategies, and input from others. We believe in consistently investing in learning and advancing our skills. 

One team, one dream – we believe our combined efforts towards excellence helps create a single unit of greatness. While individual effort is important, we believe that working together pulls our dream together.

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