Vacuum Excavation (Soft Digs)

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  • CFL - Vacuum Excavation
  • CFL - Core Bore/Soft Dig - Exposed Utilities

VACUUM EXCAVATION – Non-Destructive, Safe Soft Digging Method

Vacuum Excavation, also known as Soft Digging and Pot Holing, is the smart and effective way to help control the dangers associated with digging around or near underground utilities and other subsurface features.

Vacuum excavation, using air and/or water to break apart and remove the dirt, provides an alternative method to hand or mechanical equipment excavation that could damage subsurface infrastructure.

An additional service associated with soft digging is asphalt coring.  When utilities are buried below the asphalt, CFL can easily core a small hole in the asphalt to expose the dirt for soft digging.

Vacuum Excavation meets ASCE 38-02 Standard for Quality Level APrecise horizontal and vertical location of utilities, obtained by the actual exposure and subsequent measurement of subsurface utilities, usually at a specific point.

CFL technicians are highly experienced in the pinpointing of subsurface utilities and objects with GPR and EM equipment for the soft digging of subsurface infrastructure for design and excavation projects.  Using this integrated method of locating and soft digging, CFL provides the client with the opportunity to save time and money, while mitigating project risks.

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