3D GPR Array

CFL - 3D GPR - Power Plant Site
CFL – 3D GPR Array

3D GPR ARRAY – Innovative 3D Mapping of Underground Utilities & Subsurface Features

CFL has the vision, energy, technology, and professionals to embrace the next generation of 3D GPR Array data collection systems that have unlocked new and exciting opportunities in the real-time exploration and mapping of the subsurface.

3D GPR Array Systems have the power to rapidly collect data for larger projects while delivering optimum clarity of the subsurface for the real-time 3D mapping of underground utilities and subsurface features.

CFL, using a 32-channel 3D GPR Array system, efficiently collects vast amounts of subsurface data that is easily transferred to cutting-edge post-processing software.  CFL’s experienced, geophysical Geologists analyze and interpret the processed data to create dynamic 3D visualizations that can be used as real-time insights for helping businesses to manage their projects..

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