Electromagnetic (EM) Utility Locating

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CFL – Electromagnetic (EM)

EM TECHNOLOGY – The Fundamental Tool for Utility Locating

At any given project site, there may be a vast network of hidden underground utilities, such as power; gas; water; sewer; and communication lines, that transport and supply life essential services to local, regional, and even global communities.  If the underground infrastructure is accidentally damaged, the consequences could be widespread and possibly deadly.

The difficulty in determining the location of underground assets is that they are not visible.  However, electromagnetic (EM) locating, based on the science of electromagnetism, has come to be the accepted industry standard for the detecting of underground metallic utilities.

EM locating is a geophysical surface methodology that meets ASCE 38-02 Standard for Quality Level BInformation is obtained through the application of appropriate surface geophysical methods to determine the existence and approximate position of subsurface utilities.

To avoid life threatening risks; costs of interrupted services; unplanned project expenditures; and unnecessary damages to underground utilities, excavators, whether through mechanical or hand digging methods, should schedule EM locating services with an experienced and proven geophysical locate company like CFL.

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