CFL - DPT - Soil Sampling
CFL – DPT – Soil Sampling

DIRECT PUSH TECHNOLOGY (DPT) – Tool for Assessing Site Geology

Direct Push Technology (DPT) is a versatile tooling system with multiple applications for geological subsurface site investigations. Geophysical DPT investigations are typically conducted to confirm geophysical data, generate geologic profiles, and identify potential geologic hazards, such as ground subsidence and underground cavities, that if left undetected could expose the general public and workers to safety dangers and could jeopardize surrounding infrastructure.

The speed of DPT investigation methods and mobility of the equipment allows CFL technicians to quickly and efficiently recover soil samples that CFL geologists can thoroughly verify, validate, and document.

In addition to DPT technology, CFL geologists use advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to collect vast amounts of subsurface data that is analyzed and interpreted to define subsurface geological conditions.  Having both DPT and GPR cutting-edge technologies, CFL is positioned to easily correlate soil sampling results with post-processed 3D GPR data to provide more thorough characterizations and accurate investigations of the geological subsurface.

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