Geophysical Data Analysis

CFL – 3D GPR Deliverable – 600 MHz Array Data

Superior Geophysical Imaging Services

Job sites often contain pipelines, cable routes and other potentially dangerous structures under the ground. Geophysical utility mapping, also known as utility surveying, is used to identify these features to protect your crew, your machinery, and other valuable assets. Beginning a construction without conducting a thorough investigation can cost you thousands of dollars, putting your crew and your investments at risk.

CFL utilizes technology consisting of radar pulse frequencies to create a visual image of the soil beneath the ground surface. This is a non-destructive method that reads the electromagnetic energy contained both UHF and VHF bands of the radio spectrum, detecting signals that reflect off of structures with the subsurface. CFL provides you with detailed prints and drawings, identifying the precise location of your underground utilities. This makes your job site safer and more productive.

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