Geophysical Services (Void Detection)

Superior Geophysical Void Detection

Undetected sinkholes at your job site can put safety, equipment and structures at risk. A sinkhole is caused by a subsurface void when water washes away limestone over time. Eventually, these voids can become unstable and have the potential to collapse. When this occurs, a sinkhole will destroy everything on the surface.

By utilizing ground penetrating radar (GPR), these subsurface voids and anomalies can be located. CFL conducts sinkhole detection and void detection surveys throughout Florida through GPR technology and data analysis. To further investigate a sinkhole location or void location study, a CFL geologist will conduct research of the general geology in the area, such as a flooding or droughts.By using licensed Professionals, CFL can locate potential voids to help keep your job site safe and your project on schedule.

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